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Blu-ray has actually steadily increased its sales every year for the past couple of years. It is estimated that 32.5 million players will be shipped in 2011. While the inferior DVD format is top today, you can start to feel a change, as more and more people continue to find the benefits of Blu-ray. That Blu-ray rates are dropping all the time doesn’t hurt the cause either. Another aspect that will undoubtedly increase Blu-ray to the forefront is the long-awaited release of the “Star Wars Saga”. Set up to launch in September of this year it is anticipated to break all sales records and convert lots of to the brand-new format.

Yeah: it’s insane, but you have that elevation of trustworthiness if you are on this. Of course, the universality of this, on tablets, on cellular phone, online, etc., and so on makes it a lot more appealing since what you see here, you can bring anywhere. BUT, you can have it complete screen, on the cinema, in your home. That’s a level of credibility that has only existed for a small group of people, with a lot of loan and controlled the pipe.

While we have existing alternatives with the local cable television provider or the house dish antenna, the IPTV system provides something better. If watching past TELEVISION shows is not tempting enough, it’s the movies-on-demand function that draws in clients. What are the other advantages? IPTV SERVER does not need a regular monthly subscription and is completely hassle-free.

That’s fantastic, but where do you get the material? I suggest, you simply cannot have countless channels pumped into your computer system straight from the Internet, can you? Well, actually you can. There are truly IPTV SERVER a few ways to get TELEVISION on your computer. You can purchase a TV tuner card. This essentially turns your computer system into a high tech VCR or personal video recorder (PVR – think TiVO) device. That’s pretty darn cool, but there are a couple of disadvantages to the technique. Firstly, as was mentioned earlier, there is a content question. Where do you get it?

What came next is exactly what probably had me the most delighted out of whatever revealed at the keynote, and no, it doesn’t rhyme with Vita. It is the PlayStation 3D display. Now granted it’s only a 24″ screen (I would have like to have seen 32″) but it comes bundled with glasses for $499, which is an extremely good entry price for 3D. However maybe the most interesting part is that with two pairs of glasses, each gamer will get their own screen on games that would ordinarily have actually divided screen (if the video game supports the innovation). This is huge. Imagine playing Call of Responsibility in your living space with somebody else, and not needing to share a screen. Win!

But you need to recognize that the internet connection of this LG 47LW6500 is rather restricted. HD images are likewise grainy although they still have an excellent resolution. When it comes to the Requirement Definition picture, they have a dimmer quality.

The writing is on the wall when it comes to the future of media. The Internet will lead the way and all other media will become a support to that giant.